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Neural stem cell plasticity

Our team deciphers the mechanisms that control stem cell proliferation during development, childhood cancers and tissue regeneration. We mainly investigate these processes in the central nervous system.

Once we will have a full understanding of how stem cells are controlled in our body, will we be able to regenerate injured organs or cure cancers ?

Our lab combines two of the most powerful model organisms (Drosophila and the avian embryo) with new technologies to manipulate and investigate neural stem cells with unprecedented molecular precision. This allows us to decipher the various regulatory levels controlling the unfolding of genetic programs in stem cells during normal development, regeneration and in cancers with developmental origins such as pediatric cancers.

We investigate how stem cells are controlled by epigenetics, transcription, and translation, and also by the biochemical and mechanical signals produced by their environment.
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Drosophila suzukii assesses the quality of a ripe cherry before deciding where to lay an egg


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Cassandra Gaultier
Scientist at Abcam, Cambridge
Sara Genovese
Scientific advisor at CTI Biopharma
Caroline Dillard
senior researcher, Oslo University Hospital

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