Several awards for IBDM members !

Congrats to Aziz Moqrich, Sophie Chauvet and Stefan Harmansa.
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Aziz Moqrich was awarded the SATT IMPACT 2022 prize for his team’s work on the TAFA4 protein.

Aziz Moqrich was awarded the SATT IMPACT 2022 prize for his team’s work on the TAFA4 protein. The SATT has greatly contributed to the work that led to the discovery of the therapeutic potentials of TAFA4 as a painkiller. This was done through several funding schemes, including a short pre-maturation and a large maturation budgets as well as a series of administrative interventions with the CNRS and AMU that facilitated the launching of Tafalagie Therapeutics Company.

Sophie Chauvet received the rank of chevalier des Palmes académiques during a ceremony at the Faculty of Medicine on 29 November 2022.

Sophie Chauvet has been named « Chevalier de l’ordre des palmes académiques ». « Les Palmes académiques”, instituted by Napoleon in 1808, honour members of the University. « Les Palmes académiques” are the oldest of the distinctions awarded in a civil capacity: they distinguish people who have proved their commitment to the university through their actions. Promotions and appointments are made by decree of the Prime Minister on the proposal of the Minister of National Education. The awards were presented by the Dean of the Science Department, Laurence Mouret, in the presence of the President of the University, Eric Berton, during a ceremony held on 29 November 2022. 

Stefan Harmansa, a postdoc in the Lecuit team, was the recipient of the “Prix de la Fondation Hugot du College de France”. The prize was awarded at a ceremony at the College de France on November 15 at which 6 scientific prizes were attributed. 


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