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Development and Pathologies of Neuromuscular Circuits

Our goal is to understand how muscles are built during development, what dictates their specific shapes, and how they are repaired after injury in adults, in healthy or pathological contexts.

We study the mechanisms driving morphogenesis of skeletal muscles and of the associated motor circuits, and try to understand how dysfunction of these mechanisms, during development or in adults, can cause neuromuscular pathologies. A common theme in these studies is that we focus on cell interactions at the interface between distinct cell types, with our favorite players being motor neurons, muscle cells, and connective tissues. We currently explore interactions between connective tissue cells and muscle cells 1) during embryonic development and 2) during adult skeletal muscle regeneration, in healthy and pathological contexts (see our recent review, Helmbacher & Stricker, 2020).

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Pierre-Antoine Ferracci
Master 2 student, currently PhD student at the Ernst Strungmann Institute of Neuroscience, Dortmund, Germany
Tarana Nigam
Summer intern, Currently PhD student at the Deutches Primatenzntrum, Goettingen, Germany
Magali Macchi
Post-doc, ATER AMU
Nathalie Caruso
Technician, Currently technician in the Graba Saurin team at IBDM
Angela Zimmermann
Postdoc, currently medical director at Physicians’ education Resource LLC, Milwaukee, US
Marie Lebossé
PhD student
Mateo Saas
Master 2 students
Alexis Danjou
Master 2 students

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