Tafalgie Therapeutics, a new start-up company, based on the work of Aziz Moqrich’s team

Tafalgie Therapeutics is a new start-up company created in November 2020, based on the work of Aziz Moqrich's team "Chronic pain: cellular and molecular mechanisms" at IBDM.
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Tafalgie Therapeutics is a new start-up company created in November 2020, based on the work of Aziz Moqrich’s team “Chronic pain: cellular and molecular mechanisms” at IBDM.

Hosted at IBDM, it brings together researchers and entrepreneurs, whose objective is to valorize more than 10 years of fundamental research, which have been the subject of numerous publications and a patent relating to the discovery of a new protein with a potential analgesic effect against inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

The founding partners (Mr. Aziz MOQRICH, Mr. Stéphane GAILLARD, Mr. Eric SCHETTINI and Mr. Laurent LABATUT), together with the SATT Sud-Est, have decided to position their company in the high-potential niche of the treatment of chronic postoperative and neuropathic pain.

This project is driven by one ambition: to make a contribution to the public health problem of pain by proposing an innovative, effective drug with no side effects based on an endogenous protein that acts as a brake on the transmission of the pain message to the brain.

In this context, the challenge of Tafalgie Therapeutics is to carry out, at the end of the regulatory preclinical and first-in-man study, open trials as proof of efficacy of this protein in the treatment of pain, before its entry into the marketing authorization clinical phase.



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Pattern formation by self-organized cell movement

The selected candidate will receive training in the following areas: molecular biology, cell biology, Xenopus micro-injection and micro-surgery, fluorescent confocal microscopy, video-microscopy, numerical image analysis.