Job opportunitites

Engineer assistant position in Cellular & Molecular Biology


Contribute to the Team research on mechanistic and functional characterization of
signalling circuits in cancer. Develop novel therapeutic and diagnostic tools.

Main activities

  • Generation and characterization of new cell lines.
  • In vitro biological assays (cell viability, drug tests, migration/invasion, …).
  • Immunostaining on fixed cells and tissues.
  • Western blot analysis to establish expression/phosphorylation levels of signals.

Required skills

  • Molecular biology (RTqPCR, cloning), biochemistry, western blot, and cell biology.
  • Expertise in mammalian cell culture (cell maintenance, transfection, selection, …).
  • Expertise in immunostaining is desirable.
  • Self organization, flexibility and multitasks (ability to independently perform experiments
    and to handle a wide variety of techniques under the supervision of laboratory
  • Communication, teamwork, autonomy, knowledge of English (working language of the lab).
  • Capability to present outcomes to supervisors and during Team reports.
  • Autonomous management of a laboratory notebook.
  • Competence on histology and mouse colony handling will be also appreciated.

Work environment


  • Type: Fixedterm contract (CDD)
  • Duration: 12 months (can be extended)
  • Expected date of hiring: 1st march 2023

A motivation letter, a CV and the name of two referees, should be sent by email to Flavio
Maina ( and Aurélie Dobric (

Type of position



Gestionnaire administratif et financier (H/F)

Nous recherchons un/une gestionnaire administratif et financier (H/F). La personne recrutée sera intégrée au sein du Service Administratif et Financier de l’Institut de Biologie du Développement de Marseille (IBDM).