Green IBDM to face a great challenge reduce our energy consumption, and in particular the share of fossil fuels.
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We are individually and collectively facing a great challenge: to reduce our energy consumption, and in particular the share of fossil fuels, in order to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our institute must participate in this effort and this requires commitments and changes in our work habits. In this context, an evaluation of the greenhouse gas emissions has been carried out, one aspect of the result is presented in this email (below). By the way, if you are curious to evaluate your own carbon footprint or that of your team, you can do so on this site: (which is available in English as well, top-right icon)

The Green IBDM committee will try to regularly share with you tips that are easy to implement. The idea is to propose some actions, but of course nothing is imposed! We think that the most important thing is to share this information, discuss it among ourselves, and adapt it to our needs and constraints!

If you have some proposals to make, we will soon have an email address to contact us, we will inform you when it will be created!


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