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Electron Microscopy

We provide the scientific community with the devices and electron microscopes necessary for sample preparation and imaging by electron microscopy.

Our services include the sample preparation with the following methods: negative staining, plastic embedding, immuno-labelling, high pressure freezing, freeze substitution, (cryo)-ultramicrotomy… We routinely use advanced imaging modalities such as electron tomography (ET), Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM), Scanning Electron Microscopy in « Serial Block-Face » mode, Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM)… 

For the users who wish to work independently, we offer individual or group training in the conventional methods of transmission and scanning electron microscopy


T4: Teams from laboratories within the PICsL perimeter (IBDM, CIML, INMED, IMM, Institut Fresnel)

T3: Teams from laboratories outside the PICsL perimeter

T2: Other public users

T1: Private users (with or without collaboration)

The pricing of the microscopes booking, our service offer and our training offer is based on fares validated by the CNRS.

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Transmission electron microscope FEI Tecnai g2 200 kv

This microscope is designed for advanced imaging modes such as electron tomography, STEM and cryo-electron microscopy.


Transmission electron microscope FEI Morgagni 120 kv

Transmission Electron Microscope that is very quick and simple to use


Scanning electron microscope FEI Teneo vs

Scanning Electron Microscope that can be used for automated 3D acquisition by Serial BlockFace


Sample preparation

Leica EMPact 2, high pressure freezing machine
Leica AFS 2, freeze substitution apparatus
Leica EM AMW, sample preparation automate
Leica UC7, (cryo)-ultramicrotome

Our services


Sample preparation

We offer our expertise in preparing your samples for Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy


Individual or Group Training

Users wishing to specialize in Electron Microscopy can follow the courses in which we are involved or make an appointment with us for individual training


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