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Multiple funded PhD opportunities in Obesity Research using Drosophila as model

Altered cellular metabolism is at the core of many human diseases, including obesity that is a major challenge for human health worldwide. Obesity is primarily defined by increased adipose fat accumulation. Flies constitute a good model for the study of obesity, as many parallels exist for obesity in humans and flies: both share a common diagnostic, imply equivalent core and remote control organs and conserved molecular pathways.

Project description​

We are looking for multiple talented students to join our fully funded PhD projects aimed at studying how two recently discovered and oppositely acting transcriptional regulators control metabolism in the Drosophila larval fat body (the equivalent of vertebrate adipose tissue and liver), with a special attention on metabolic paths linked to fat accumulation. The study will combine genetic and nutritional manipulations to highlight crosstalk between genetic and environmental control of fat accumulation. Conversion of knowledge gained in the fat body will be probed in another highly metabolic organ, the Drosophila flight muscle.


The PhD projects will be carried out in the team of A. Saurin and Y. Graba at the Marseille Institute for Developmental Biology (IBDM ), with leading expertise in cell and molecular biology, bioinformatics, image analysis and quantitative biology approaches.


The PhD candidates should hold an MSc (or equivalent degree) in biological sciences, be highly motivated with creative skills and appeal for experimental work. Experience in developmental biology, bioinformatics, transcriptional regulation or Drosophila genetics will be a strong plus.


The PhDs will start on 1 October 2024 and applications will be accepted up to that date, until the positions are filled.

How to apply

To apply, please send a motivation letter, CV and references to Andrew Saurin :

Selected reading

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Type d'offre



Gestionnaire administratif et financier (H/F)

Nous recherchons un/une gestionnaire administratif et financier (H/F). La personne recrutée sera intégrée au sein du Service Administratif et Financier de l’Institut de Biologie du Développement de Marseille (IBDM).