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Camille Boutin

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I performed my PhD in the group of Harold Cremer (IBDM, Univesité Aix-Marseille) where I developed an innovative technical approach to manipulate gene expression in the mouse postnatal brain and contributed to the elucidation of several molecular checkpoints of postnatal neurogenesis. 

I awarded the “2010 prize of the French Society of Neuroscience”, for my PhD achievements. I joined the group of André Goffinet (Université Catholique de Louvain, Brussels) in 2010 for a posdoc. There, I combined new analytical tools and mouse genetics to decipher the mechanisms responsible for the multiscale polarized organization of the ciliary function. 

In 2015, I joined the group of Laurent Kodjabachian (IBDM, Université Aix-Marseille) to pursue my work on multiciliated cell biology. Since my recruitment at CNRS as a permanent researcher (CRCN) in 2018, I develop new projects as a principal investigator on the theme of compartmentalization and sizing in multiciliated cells. 

Today, I would define myself as an integrative cell biologist, with a keen taste for careful observation, thorough description and the power of comparison. 

  • 2022: HDR in eukaryotic biology, with highest level of distinction. Aix-Marseille Université, France
  • 2009: PhD in eukaryotic biology, with highest level of distinction. Aix-Marseille Université, France
  • 2023: Czech-BioImaging grant for research projects – Characterization of a new structure organizing cilia of ependymal multiciliated cells.
  • 2022: ANR JCJC – PHACIL – Understanding how membrane-less organelles coordinate to build multiciliated cells.
  • 2022: Grant “Pépinière d’excellence 2021” foundation A*Midex – PROPHAMU – Modulation des mécanismes de séparation de phases pendant la production de centrioles multiples. 
  • 2022: PHC Bosphore in collaboration with Elif Nur Firat-Karalar – Dissecting the molecular underpinnings of centriole amplification in multiciliated epithelial cells. 
  • 2021: Grant Emergence Cancerôpole PACA – MULTIPHABE – Phase behavior in multiple centriole biogenesis. 
  • 2021: MITI CNRS in collaboration with Etienne Loiseau – CILBIO – Des battements ciliaires à la fonction biologique : modélisation et prédiction.
  • 2015: Travel grant from the CNRS ‘groupement de recherche CIL’
  • 2015: Postdoctoral fellowship from the French ‘Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer’
  • 2012: Travel grant from the FNRS to attend the 2012 meeting of ASBC
  • 2010: PhD prize from the “Société Française des Neurosciences”
  • 2005: PhD fellowship from the French ‘Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer’