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Benjamin Prud’homme

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TPR2 AMU 8.01

Benjamin Prud’homme’s work attempts to establish the link between the evolution of morphological and behavioural traits in animals and the genetic changes that give rise to them, by studying the diversity of Drosophila flies. 

After completing his thesis in 2003, he did a post-doctorate at the University of Wisconsin (USA). There, he began to study the pigment patterns of Drosophila wings associated with various behaviours, elucidating the genetic mechanisms behind the evolution of these traits. Recruited by the CNRS in 2007, he set up a team with another researcher at the Institute of Developmental Biology in Marseille.

While continuing his studies on pigment patterns, he is interested in the genetic and neuronal bases of the reproductive behaviour of flies, male courtship and choice of egg-laying site for females. At the forefront of his field, Benjamin Prud’homme enjoys a very good international recognition and numerous funding for his projects.

Médaille de bronze du CNRS – 2014

Lauréat d’une ERC Consolidator Grant 2013

Cercle FSER Lauréat – 2012